Van mileage growth continues to rise

The number of vans and other light goods vehicles on UK roads continues to rise, according to provisional figures released by the Department for Transport.

The figures – which show the mileage covered by a range of vehicle types – suggest goods vehicles under 3.5 tonnes travelled around 43 billion miles in the UK during 2013. This was up nearly four per cent on 2012 and 66 per cent higher than in 1993.

Statistics for the mileage of heavy goods vehicles display a modest increase, with the 15.7 billion miles travelled last year representing a 0.9 per cent rise on 2012, and a 4 per cent increase on 1993. Car and taxi traffic, meanwhile, was up 0.8 per cent on 2012 and just over 15 per cent on 1993, accounting for 242 billion miles last year.

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