No easy solution to migrant crisis, says Calais mayor

The Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, has warned that the build-up of migrants in Calais is unlikely to be solved anytime soon, meaning enduring problems for international logistics operators.

Bouchart criticised both the French and British governments for their lack of support for Calais residents over the last fifteen years in evidence given to a Home Affairs Committee hearing on 8 September. In particular she condemned UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that the UK would not offer asylum to migrants already in Europe.

Bouchart has called for a full review of the original agreement under which the border was created and the Schengen agreement.  She stated that without further support from both the French and British governments she would have a moral obligation to the residents of Calais to remove all border restrictions.

Border Force director general, Sir Charles Montgomery, responded that the dismantling of restrictions would only worsen the problem by luring more people to Calais as well as presenting the need for significant reinvestment in the design of the ports at Dover and Calais.  

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