National funding for transport infrastructure could be absorbed by London, says Transport Committee

An inquiry by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee suggests investment in Transport infrastructure outside London may suffer when a new system is launched to allocate funding to major local transport projects.  

The Committee wants the government to ensure that significant schemes do not get overlooked because they are not in the capital, and to make sure that issues such as the disparities between the funding and organisation of different Local Enterprise Partnerships do not affect the allocation of funding.  

In its report, the Committee referenced further research from think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research, which calculated the transport infrastructure spending per person in London to be £2,500, compared to only £5 in the North East.  

From 2015, a new system for distributing money for local projects costing more than £5 million will place greater emphasis on competition for funding in a bid to bring in more private sector finance.

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