Mixed responses to Lib Dem plans to scrap Severn tolls

 The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to scrap toll charges on the Severn Bridges, drawing a mixture of responses from MPs and the industry – with the economic benefit of the changes being the main point of contention.

 Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, claims removing the tolls would boost the South Wales economy by around £107 million. The Freight Transport Association also supported the plan, commenting that the change would provide “a welcome shot in the arm for business and commuters who use the bridges daily”.

The Road Haulage Association, however, was more sceptical, suggesting that price rises in other areas – such as fuel duty – may be introduced in order to make up for the shortfall.

More than 80,000 vehicles use the two crossings every day. Lorry drivers pay the most at £19.20 per trip, with van drivers paying £12.80 and £6.40 charged for a car.

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