Highways England use unmarked HGV to catch almost 2,700 dangerous drivers on England’s roads

Highways England sourced a HGV tractor unit and partnered with police forces in South East England to pilot a unique motorway driver safety intervention named Operation Tramline.

The initiative was designed to help the Police identify and record potentially dangerous commercial vehicle driver behaviour using a hand held video camera.

Officers used an unmarked HGV tractor unit to see into the cabs of commercial and public service lorries, which are usually too high to view.

Drivers stopped by the Police were either warned or prosecuted for dangerous driving.

During the three month pilot it became clear that the elevated position in the HGV tractor unit helped the police to not only observe dangerous HGV drivers but also the behaviour of car drivers and other light vehicles.

The project started on 30th March 2015 and is scheduled to tour the country on a monthly basis via regional police forces until April 2017. The aim of extending the pilot to a national project is to deter and discourage HGV non-compliance and improve driver behaviour.

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