Game, Set & Match – Downton Serve Drinks for Wimbledon

Downton are working with our customer AB InBev (ABI) and Jigsaw, our managed transport specialist business, to ensure daily deliveries of beers to Wimbledon throughout this year’s Championship. This is a high profile project for one of Jigsaw’s largest customers at one of the most prestigious sporting events of the year.

Stella is one of the official suppliers to this year’s Championship and this and other ABI beer brands such as Goose Island, Becks, Budweiser and Camden are bound to be popular with spectators, especially as the weather forecast is warm and sunny.

Space is limited at the venue which means daily replenishment is required to make sure there is always enough stock on site. We delivered an initial batch of stock towards the end of June. Since the Championships started on Monday 3 July we have been making deliveries of kegs, bottles, and plastic glasses each evening in response to orders placed by the Wimbledon hospitality team earlier in the afternoon. We’re also managing returns of items such as empty kegs and pallets. All deliveries are being made from our warehouse in Dunstable.

Downton’s managed transport specialist business Jigsaw has been working with ABI for some years to co-ordinate deliveries of the drinks company’s products to customers throughout the UK. Using its unique Partner Haulier network model, the company utilises the services of eleven different transport companies with regional expertise located around the UK to provide a national service with scale and flexibility. Downton, as Jigsaw’s owner and one of the largest companies in its network, plays a major role in the contract.

Featured image source: BBC Sport