EV Cargo company CM Downton has come to the aid of medical charity Cobalt, allowing it to support the new Nightingale Hospitals in Birmingham and Bristol with crucial scanning facilities.

Cobalt was asked by NHS England to provide mobile CT scanners, to facilitate scanning of patients with COVID-19 up to 24 hours a day. To enable Cobalt to provide this vital new service, it needed to train mobile MRI radiographers to support its CT team.

And it needed a location to position its MRI scanners, equipped with the dedicated power supply needed to run the scanners.

That’s when Downton came to the rescue, offering to house the mobile scanners at its headquarters in Gloucestershire, allowing Cobalt to step-up its support of the two new hospitals.

Zac Brown, CM Downton managing director, said: “We’ve worked with Cobalt before and are more than happy to assist where possible with the re-housing of the mobile MRI scanners. Every division across EV Cargo is involved in the response to COVID-19 and this is another area where we have been able to play our part.”

Peter Sharpe, Cobalt’s chief executive, said: “We are so very grateful to Downton, their support has enabled us to provide more mobile CT scanners which will allow us to scan more patients at the new Nightingale Hospitals in Birmingham and Bristol, and also continue to support cancer patients for the local hospitals in Gloucestershire.”