Downton Meets New ISO9001 Standard Six Months Early

Leading transport operator CM Downton has achieved the new ISO9001/2015 standard a year ahead of the official implementation date of September 2018. The company is believed to be one of the first major transport operators to achieve the updated standard and is performing above industry averages based on figures collated by the BSI (British Standards Institute). In addition to demonstrating that it operates with robust and resilient processes, maintaining the highest standard will allow Downton to continue to comply with any customer’s contractual requirements.

The new standard was published in 2015 and allowed organisations three years to achieve compliance before fully coming into force. Like its predecessors, it is designed to show that an organisation provides products and services to a consistent quality, meets customer requirements, complies with current legislation, and fulfils its own business requirements. Companies meeting the standard generally find it helps them to streamline and continuously improve their business processes. The new standard goes further than earlier versions by helping organisations to integrate and align their quality management and continuous improvement processes with their business strategy. This will include, for example, making it easier to implement integrated management systems such as those covering environmental and health and safety processes.

Downton originally achieved accreditation to an earlier BS/EN standard in 1993 and has complied with all subsequent updates, including the most recent version of ISO9001 in 2008. To meet the requirements of the new standard, which will be adopted globally next year, the company has assessed every aspect of its quality management and continuous improvement systems and introduced new and updated processes. This has included greater involvement by the leadership team and staff at many levels of the business. Evaluation and accreditation was completed during the second quarter of 2017.

Andy Downton, Managing Director of CM Downton, says: “Maintaining compliance with this standard is important because it demonstrates to customers that we have the structures and processes in place to deliver services consistently and improve performance. Our team has worked incredibly hard to achieve this new standard the year before it comes into force which is testament to their commitment and focus and the solid foundations we have built across the business in previous years.”