Downton Inspire Workforce of the Future

Downton welcomed Upton St Leonards Beaver Scouts to their headquarters in Gloucester to teach them about the world of Logistics in a fun and engaging way.

Coordinated by Scout Leader Linda Atkinson, the beavers arrived with their parents and siblings to a welcome of squash and biscuits before starting with a quick introduction from Driver Trainer Andy Heaven.

The 6-8 year olds were given an activity pack that contained a series of activities to help the Beavers understand what Logistics is. Beaver Scout, Charlie, took home the prize for the best colouring in of a Downton Lorry, and is now the proud owner of an Oxford Haulage Model of Downton Lorry that he will cherish for years to come.

The highlight of the session, was when they had the opportunity to climb into a Downton Cab, honk the horn and test out the comfortable beds.

Although Downton only recruit from the age of 18 upwards, they believe it is important to plant the seed early on and educate children on their future career options, and an industry that’s imperative to our country’s operations.