Downton efficiency on the up thanks to Microlise

Downton has achieved across-the-board improvements in fuel efficiency thanks to a new telematics system from leading developer Microlise. 

The new in-cab system, which was installed earlier this year, has delivered average fuel savings of 6 per cent across the 600-strong Downton fleet, with some depots recording fuel savings as high as 10 per cent. 

The system allows real-time data to be compiled for each vehicle, from speed and fuel consumption to wear on engine components. 

Operations Director John Downton said: “Having access to real-time data about the fleet means we can always look for ways to make trips more efficient; saving the business, and our customers, more money. 

“The enthusiasm and buy-in of our staff has been vital to the success of this scheme and we’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in the roll out of the new system.”