Council ban for HGVs overtaking on A34 is “not acceptable” says RHA

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has pledged to fight against a ban on HGVs overtaking on the A34.

Councillors at Oxfordshire County Council voted in favour of the ban at a meeting this week. Councillor Patrick Greene said the restriction was necessary to prevent traffic accidents and frustration from other motorists.

Rhys Williams, RHA area manager, expressed his disappointment with the decision, saying: “Banning HGVs from overtaking is going to cause mass congestion; the exit and entry slip roads are not geared up for that. We are going to be fighting it all the way. It’s not acceptable.”

Contrary to the Council’s argument, data provided to Commercial Motor by Oxfordshire County Council showed accidents on the A34 have been falling since 2011.

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