Ban lorries from using car sat-navs, say councils

Lorry drivers should be banned from using sat-navs specifically designed for cars, council chiefs have said.

The Local Government Association (LGA) wants legislation brought in to make sure lorry drivers in England and Wales use a GPS system suitable for HGVs.

It wants councils to have the power to ensure drivers avoid routes where they exceed the weight or height limit.

Calls to change navigation systems come after a number of lorries have got stuck in narrow roads or under low bridges.

Commercial GPS systems designed for lorries include information on bridge heights and narrow roads, they also allow lorry drivers to enter their vehicle dimensions to ensure they are instructed to follow a suitable route.

Police forces in Wales and Greater London already have the power to enforce weight and height restrictions on HGVs but councils are urging the government to roll this out across England.

Some councils have been working with freight and haulage companies to ensure drivers are using the most suitable routes.

The money raised from the new powers could be put towards fixing potholes, says the LGA.